Christmas Ideas Galore!

Rags to Riches 

Rags to Riches 2021:
This year, our Christmas resources focus on the shepherds and their rags to riches story. From the rags of the field to the riches of heaven, let us follow their journey and discover it anew for ourselves. How does God visit us in our rags and bring riches beyond our imagination?

The Certainty of Christmas 2020:
In these uncertain times, we can be certain of God’s love, shown to us in the birth of Jesus.
Last year we created a series of resources around the theme of certainty in a changing world. Each resource has adaptions for changing Covid-19 alert levels, and is easy to pick up and use! 

· An Intergenerational Christmas church service
· An in-school and afterschool one-off programme
· A community Christmas event
· Christmas at home resources:
- Journey through Advent
- An Aotearoa Advent Circle
- The Jesse Tree


Other bits and pieces: 

The Three Kings: This is a beautiful poem to use with all ages. 

Journey to Christmas

This Christmas, come on a journey. Travel back in time over 2000 years, to a small village in the north of Israel. Over the next 12 days we will explore the Christmas story and step into the shoes of those people who were alive then. We will look at photographs of what the places in the Christmas story look like now. 

This story is based on the book of Luke in the Bible. You can find other parts of the story in Matthew. Click on these links below to read each episode of the story. 

Episode One: Our Story Begins
Episode Two: Something Strange is Going On
Episode Three: Whispers in the Wind
Episode Four: The Word is Out
Episode Five: A Difficult Journey
Episode Six: What about Joseph?
Episode Seven: A Long Way to Travel
Episode Eight: What a Crowd! 
Episode Nine: Later That Night
Episode Ten: A Very Small Door
Episode Eleven: The Shepherds Get a Surprise! 
Episode Twelve: Jesus Has His First Visitors 

The word doc of this story 


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