5. A difficult journey

Mary has left town. Her family have packed up, and loaded up the family pack donkey. You hear that they are walking to visit family in the south. That’s a journey of about four or five days walking. That’s a long way, and it’s a dangerous journey as robbers often hide out in caves along the way, ready to attack people travelling along the road. And Mary will have to walk all this way. Just as well people are used to walking, and she is fit and strong. Mary is going to visit her cousin Elizabeth and stay there until it is time for her cousins baby to be born.

Now: This is what the hill country of Judea looks like. The hill country of Judea is a range of hills about 800 metres above sea level.  It is a barren and difficult region to get in and out of.  And Mary travels through it. She must have been very tough and courageous. 

Episode Six...


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