Breakfast on the Beach - All Age Service Resource

Have you ever dreamed of passing a fish around in church?  Then this service resource is for you! (and even if you don't wish to pass fish...)

This is an All Age Service, exploring the scene in John 21 where Jesus meets the disciples on the beach around a fire. He makes them breakfast and he gives Peter a special job to do. The service is designed to use the senses of smell and touch to explore the story. It takes a bit of set up beforehand but it is worth it!  

Our sense of smell is one of our strongest memory triggers so my prayer is that people of all ages will remember this service long after they have forgotten the words. Credit to Elizabeth Singleton who led a devotion using charcoal, bread and fish in the Auckland Scripture Union office years ago – and I remember it like it was yesterday! 

If you would like the script for the service please click here to download a copy from Dropbox. 

Here are some extras to add into your service to engage the senses: 


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