Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Mother's Day has become an established date in our calendars. It is often celebrated in churches. This blog post contains some ideas you can use with your children. It also includes some thoughtful blog posts and suggestions that are helpful in thinking through how to acknowledge the pain and loss often associated with this day. How do we support and encourage mothers, while acknowledging those for whom the grief of losing a mum, or not being able to bear children is a very present hurt?

Ridiculously beautiful things to make out of egg cartoons! 

Here's a lovely prayer for all caregivers. It is a good one to read out as part of your church service:

A child is a precious gift,
given into the hands of birth parents, adopted parents,
caregivers, relatives, and a church community.
Together we undertake the raising of children
and together we ask for help, Lord!
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Here's a very thoughtful post from the Sacraparental blog: 
"So here I am offering lots of questions and no answers. My inclination is to keep Mother’s Day – if you want to celebrate it at all – in the home and the family unit, and not make a big deal of it in public. Churches will all have different congregations and different approaches, but a community-facing celebration seems better to me than an in-house one. The pain of those who suffer on Mother’s Day may be less if it’s in aid of making our local communities more like heaven for everyone in them."  Read more here...

 An inclusive prayer to God as Mother: Read more here...


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