6. What about Joseph?

The kind of landscape Joseph and Mary would have had to travel through.

Life goes on as normal. Talk of angels and babies dies down, and people get back to normal life. But what about Joseph? It must have been a huge shock to him to find out Mary was going to have a baby. Everyone waits to hear that Joseph has called off the wedding. No one would blame him. But he is a good man. And he doesn’t give up on Mary.  Joseph is an important part of this story. He still wants to marry her and help her to raise the baby that Mary is carrying.

And then everything gets tense and crazy! The emperor Augustus, the ruler of Rome, has given an order. Now, what you need to know is that the Romans are in charge of Israel. They are in charge of Herod. They make the rules. And Augustus wants to count everyone in Israel. He sends out orders that everyone has to return to their hometown. That means that Joseph has to travel to his hometown of Bethlehem. And Mary is going with him.


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