3. Whispers on the wind...

This is a photograph taken of a painting on the walls of a church in Bethlehem.

Luke 1:28: The angel greeted Mary and said, “You are truly blessed! The Lord is with you.
Your friend down the street told you that there’s a rumour going around. Something about Mary, something about an angel. You know that angels are pretty special. You have heard about angels as your parents and leaders have read the Old Testament to you. Angels are God’s messengers, and they always have something important to say.

And now people are started to talk about an angel arriving in Nazareth. And the angel hasn’t gone to visit the rabbi or the leaders or the Romans. The angel went to visit Mary, the girl down the road.

I wonder what the angel had to say to Mary?  

I wonder why the angel visited Mary and not to someone with a powerful or important job or lots of money?

Episode Four:


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