Kia ora and welcome to our ever growing collection of intergenerational church service resources, written to help churches bring the generations together in worship.
These have been created and run by our Scripture Union Children and Families team. Tried and tested! 

Intergenerational Service Outlines and Resources:

Rags to Riches: 
Each year we sing, ‘While shepherds watched their flocks by night’, but what do we really know about these early witnesses to the birth of Jesus? What did it mean for them to experience a sky filled with angels and be the ones chosen to hear the good news? This service is designed for all ages to enjoy together, as we explore the lives of the shepherds and their rags to riches story. All the materials and links you need are listed below. Free to download and ready to use!

Our focus this year is on ‘The Certainty of Christmas’. In our uncertain times, people are looking for hope and meaning. They may well feel that the Grinch has stolen much from them this year, and is threatening to steal Christmas too. But in the midst of these challenges, we can be certain of God’s love for us and presence with us. This is such an important message for us! The Grinch can’t steal that!

Angels we have heard on high: 
An intergenerational service for Christmas Day, based on the angels who proclaimed the very good news! This service comes with a script, a PowerPoint and a craft activity, so everyone can make their own super easy angel craft to create a heavenly host. Created by Paul Dadd.

It's Good News!:
Christmas Day. This service looks at how the declaration 'Good News' was a common phrase used of Caesar. But, the good news of Jesus' birth was a whole different story. This outline includes dressing up, interaction, a video, and bending pipe-cleaners. Created by Paul Dadd. 


The Rocks will cry out: 
Use your imagination to enter into the story of Palm Sunday. This service is an interactive way to explore the story, wave palm branches and reflect on this verse:
‘I tell you, if these [children] were silent, the stones would shout out.’

The Mercy Tree:
This service explore the events of Easter Friday, using the image of a Mercy tree created from a branch and coloured ribbons. 

This service uses colour to describe the events of Easter Sunday. Colours convey emotions, and help us to engage emotionally with the events of Easter, in ways that stay with us long after the service. 

Breakfast on the Beach:
Have you ever dreamed of passing a fish around in church? Then this service resource is for you! (and even if you don't wish to pass fish...) This service outline explores the scene in John 21 where Jesus meets the disciples on the beach around a fire. He makes them breakfast and he gives Peter a special job to do. The service is designed to use the senses of smell and touch to explore the story. It takes a bit of set up beforehand but it is worth it!

Holy Spirit Holes:
Pentecost Sunday is a great opportunity to get creative, to be joyful and to learn a little church history! In prep
aring for an Intergen service for Pentecost Sunday, I made a rather inspiring discovery, Holy Spirit Holes! In the ceilings of some cathedrals are these holes, trapdoors actually. During the celebration of Pentecost, live doves and red rose petals were dropped through these holes to swoop and fall on the congregation below. 

Other services:

A service outline based on the book of James. Practical and relevant, this is a worthwhile topic for all ages to explore together. 

Second Chances:
The book of Philemon is only one chapter long. It is Paul’s shortest letter. It is not a book that is often talked about in church. But it is amazing! This short letter is packed full of great advice for living in today’s world. This All-Age service is about 45 mins long and leads the church through the whole letter, focusing on ‘Second Chances’.

Around the fireside:
This is a great service run by a church in Gisborne. It captured the imagination of all ages. Think fire, smoke, stories of faith and smores! 

Bible Month:
The Bible is a pretty important book, some might well say the MOST important :) Here's an Intergen Service outline you can use. It's about 25 mins long. 
Click here to download all the files you will need. For more on Bible Month, see the Bible Society NZ

Sand and Stone - The wise and foolish builders:
This is two sessions, written for evening devotions on an intergenerational camp. These two services explore Jesus' story of the builders, with small group activities and stations to download and use. 

Everyday Wisdom - the Book of Proverbs: 
This is a two part service, exploring the book of Proverbs and this question: What is wisdom and what does a wise person look like?  This service will help your whole congregation to understand what biblical wisdom is all about, and to encourage each other along the way. 


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