Easter Explored.

This is a cool activity and so easy. 

1. Line ten ice block sticks up in a row.
2. Stick two together with masking tape, then turn over and stick the next two on the other side. Turn back and repeat.
3. Use felts to draw a picture of Jesus’ death on one side, and a picture of the resurrection on the other side.
4. Fold the sticks up. (See the third photo.)
5. Show the children how to use it to tell the Easter story to their friends and families.

While the children are making their picture it's a good opportunity to help them think about Easter. Try asking using these questions.
-Why did Jesus choose to die?
-What happened when Jesus came back to life?
-What is your favourite part of the Easter story? Why?
-What do you think the most important part of the Easter story is? Why?


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