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Ancient olive trees at Gethsemane

As Easter draws near, everyone involved in children's ministry is on the hunt for great resources and ideas to help their children explore the story and connect with God.
Here's a great resource to add to the list.

Easter in Israel

'Easter in Israel' is a free downloadable book that takes children through the Easter Story, photo by photo. Each photo shows the children what the places of the Easter Story look like today.  Here are a couple of sample pages as well as the link to download the booklet. Print out enough for each child, or one book per small group. You can read it together during your teaching time and talk together about how it helps us to understand what happened at Easter.

To receive your free book all you need to do is click on this link to send an email request. You will receive a dropbox invitation to access the file.  And then, it's all yours! 
Please note that it's a big file, that's because of all the great photos.

Let me know which of these versions you would like: 
1. A booklet (choose this option if you have a photocopier that can print booklets)
2. A standard A4 one-sided document (choose this if you are printing it out on your home printer)

(If you are printing it out as a booklet you will need to set your printer properties to
print both sides, on the short edge) 

Annette Osborne is one of the Auckland members of the Children and Families team. She gets rather excited about archaeology and the importance of placing Bible stories in their physical context.


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