Three Great Feasts


Easter weekend is done and dusted, all the chocolate eggs and hot cross buns eaten. But if you thought the festivals of the church calendar were over until Advent or maybe Christmas... just wait, there’s more…

The Three Great Feasts or Festivals traditionally conclude the season of Easter and usher in the season of Pentecost. Three Sundays worth of interesting sounding titles and theological concepts that continue to challenge and stretch us today.

  • Ascension Day (13 May) is 40 days after Easter Sunday and so is on a Thursday, but can be observed on the following Sunday.

  • Pentecost Sunday (23 May) follows Ascension 10 days later.

  • Trinity Sunday (30 May) deals with one of the biggest theological concepts of all time, but provides an opportunity to simply acknowledge that we don’t know or understand everything and never will, and that’s okay.

These three family devotions require nothing but yourselves, but include additional resource ideas, and it is my hope and prayer that the thinking and learning done together will enrich your individual faith journeys and the journey of family and faith that you are on together.

Here are the links to all three feasts:

  1. Ascension Day - 13 May

  2. Pentecost Sunday - 23 May

  3. Trinity Sunday - 30 May


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