Pentecost Sunday


Here are two great resources for exploring Pentecost Sunday! 

Church-based Children's Programme:
If you are planning to explore the story of Pentecost in your children's programme than this little resource might be just what you are looking for. It includes story ideas, using a bull roarer (a wooden disk on the end of a string), eating grapes and much much more!
(For more on taonga puoro, Maori musical instruments, click here).
Thanks to Bex Davies for sharing her programme outline with us.
You can download it for free from our dropbox by clicking here!

All Age Service resource:
Pentecost Sunday is a great opportunity to get creative, to be joyful and to learn a little church history! In preparing for an All Age service for Pentecost Sunday, I made a rather inspiring discovery, Holy Spirit Holes! In the ceilings of some cathedrals are these holes, trapdoors actually. During the celebration of Pentecost, live doves and red rose petals were dropped through these holes to swoop and fall on the congregation below. Click here to download this resource for free.


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