God's Big Rescue - a family time activity

Want a simple idea to help families explore the Christmas story together? 

Use the Jesus Storybook Bible and make either Advent bracelets or key rings to 
help your families spend time together and explore the story of Christmas
 at the same time. Just give each family a pack containing all they need, and 
every day they can read the Bible story together and add the appropriate 
bead to each child’s bracelet/key ring.


Make up packs for each family. Each family will need a pack containing:
·       -   The Jesus Storybook Bible (available from SUNZ for $19.99)
·      -    A copy of the bookmark on the side of this page. These can be downloaded from our website www.sunz.org.nz or click on this link to download them from our Dropbox folder. See the image below for an example of what the bookmark looks like.
·     -   An organza bag for each child containing
o   the following beads - a silver heart and a gold heart, a star, a big beautiful bead to represent Jesus, 3 purple beads, one sparkly bead, one each of green, grey, gold, blue, and yellow beads. (A good brand of beads which include a sturdy plastic bracelet is L’ll Rosie Pony Beads.)
o   Either a plastic band or shoe lace for the bracelet or a key ring and with a shoelace attached.

Give out the packs in church and suggest that families make a regular time each day to do their packs together. Tell parents that this is a good opportunity to build quality relationships and talk and pray as a family.   

Suggest they find a comfortable place and turn the TV off and don’t answer the phone. Bedtime can be good, or on the sofa after dinner. Remind them that reading the Bible is more than just learning information about God. The Bible is the story of his love for the world and for us. Pray that families will meet with God and be transformed by him as they read.

Click here for a free booklet, created by Christine Harrex for her church!


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