Christmas comes but once a year (Part Two: Crafty stuff)

We want to help you out this Christmas Season. We have put together a four part series of fabulous Christmas ideas. Click here to read out first instalment (Christmas Music). This blog post is dedicated to all things crafty!  

Are you looking for a Nativity Scene craft? Look no further:
Let me begin with one of the most fabulous nativity scenes on offer. It's created right here in New Zealand! And it's free! 
Check out the Strandz website for this and much much more:

Here's another nativity scene that took New Zealand by storm in 2015! It is a 3D model, that looks a little minecraft (if you don't get this reference don't worry, but it is a bit of a craze right now), a little blokheadz.It is free to download. All you have to do is print it out and fold it up. You can go straight to the source:

Here's one I made earlier... easy! I found double sided
tape worked best to hold it together. 
More great Nativity Scenes:
Made by Joel - these are simple pencil drawings. Joel hand draws the most fantastic work, with a real design edge.
Story Stones - These are my latest favourite thing. Here is a photo of the ones I have just made up. - This website has simple instructions and a couple of good options for free printables. Print out your characters and glue them onto painted white stones. Put your story stones in a nice little bag and use them with a small group to retell the story. 
What about finding an artist in your church to paint some stones up for you. Here's a pinterest page to give you ideas:

Christmas Ornaments:
Get along to the Warehouse right now and buy yourself some clear plastic fillble Christmas ornaments! Swirl some clear glue around inside then toss in some glitter and sparkly shapes and hey presto!  

Tasty Christmas Goodies: 
Here is a lovely way to create an edible christmas story: This would be a great way to review the story with a small group, or as an activity station at a holiday programme. 

All you need is a piece of square paper!  This is a great craft for those kids who love origami. It may be best suited for older children. The instructions are here:

Check in next week for our third installment, looking at media, video clips, images, fonts and much more!


  1. Thanks for these. Definitely going to try the baubles.

  2. Lovin the origami trees - keen to try these out. Thanks for the links to other helpful sites and resources.


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