An Easter family time activity

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An Easter family time activity

 Our Advent bracelets were so popular we've come up with a similar idea for Easter. Help families to think about the meaning of Easter by reading the Bible and filling treasure boxes to remind them of how much God loves them. Pray that families will meet with God and be transformed by him as they read. 



Make up packs for each family. Each family will need a pack containing:

  • The Jesus Storybook Bible, available from SUNZ for $19.99

  • A copy of the bookmark (Click here to download it from our Easter Dropbox Folder). 

  • A beautiful little treasure box for each child. 

  • A set of miniature items for each child to put in their box: gold heart, world globe, plastic flower, baby doll, jewel like bead, silver coin, glow-in-the-dark moon, cross, stone, card with John 14:6 printed on it, mirror. You can buy these from places like Spotlight and discount stores, or print pictures of these objects out on light card. You might like to ask members of your church to donate items.

What to do:

Give each family a pack containing all they need, and every day they can use the bookmark and The Jesus Storybook Bible to read a story, discuss it together and then put the appropriate item into the treasure box to help them remember the story of Easter. 

When you give the packs out, suggest that families make a regular time each day to do their packs together. Tell parents that this is a good opportunity to build quality relationships and talk and pray as a family. Suggest they find a comfortable place and turn the TV off and don't answer the phone. Bedtime can be good, or on the sofa after dinner. Remind them that reading the Bible is more than just learning information about God. The Bible is the story of his love for the people he created - us!


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