Back To School

As you are reading this, no doubt certain shops are advertising ‘Back to School’ sales for stationery, shoes and various other school-related supplies. As the beginning of the school year looms, I wonder what range of emotions are in your household?

Ordinarily, perhaps you, as a parent, have looked forward to your children returning to school and your household to its usual routine. Your children, on the other hand, may be enjoying the sun, the sand and the surf too much to be wanting school as much as you. How do we help our children head back to school in a healthy way, and how do we let them go in a way that is healthy for us? These are big questions.
I firmly believe in the need for and the importance of prayer. Not only can you be praying for your children, but they can too, for themselves and their friends.
Here are some great prayer ideas for your church and your home to help you and your children in their return to school.

This resource gives you instructions and the resources for 5 prayer stations to help your children and families prepare their hearts and minds before they head back to school.

Simple prayer ideas to use with your family and whānau.


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