The Grinch can't steal our Christmas!

Dr Seuss tells the wonderful story of a Grinch who is not a fan of Christmas. It’s too noisy and disruptive. So, he creates a plan to steal it. Late on Christmas Eve he sneaks down to the village below and takes all the presents, decorations and food. But the Whos of Whoville, in the village 
below are not to be stopped! Come Christmas morning, the Whos join hands in a circle and sing with joy! The Grinch cannot resist the sounds of joy, and the final scene sees him seated at the feast, invited to be part of Christmas. 

As followers of Jesus we know that Christmas is more than the trimmings. It’s more than just food or decorations or presents. God came to dwell with us. That’s how much we are loved! That’s worth celebrating. 

Our focus this year is on ‘The Certainty of Christmas’. In our uncertain times, people are looking for hope and meaning. They may well feel that the Grinch has stolen much from them this year, and is threatening to steal Christmas too. But in the midst of these challenges, we can be certain of God’s love for us and presence with us. This is such an important message for 2020! The Grinch can’t steal that! 


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