From my bubble to yours

These are strange and overwhelming times. We are under stress, collectively as a nation. We are also under stress in our little bubbles. It is easy to be pulled apart by the pressure of home-school a class of ungrateful students, or working in a church role where you are expected to collate all manner of online resources in a short space of time. Or the anxiety producing loneliness of isolation. Let me offer into this space one practice I have used for a year or so now and have found very helpful. It will work on your kids too! You could use this on a walk outside or around your house. 

Notice 5...4...3...2...1

5. Notice five things that you can see. *Describe them out loud if you like (e.g. green spiky leaf, black hairy spider) 

4. Notice five things that you can hear. * (e.g. the screech of a seagull, my heartbeat)

3. Notice five things you can feel. (e.g. the carpet under my feet, the breeze on my face)

2. Notice five things you can smell. (e.g. the sweet smell of a pine tree, my shampoo) 

1. Notice five things you can taste. (e.g. the biscuit I ate before I went on my walk) 

You might like to conclude with a simple prayer and Amen, knowing that God is present with you in all you see, hear, feel, smell and taste. 

O Creator God, I notice your presence. 
This is my comfort for today. 


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