Sand and Stone

I recently ran the evening devotions for an intergenerational camp, and it was wonderful to see people of all ages worshipping, exploring the Bible and praying together. So, I thought I would share these with you to pick up and use, or adapt to suit your own situation. 

This resource is two 40 min sessions, suitable for all ages. It is based on Jesus' story of the wise and foolish builders, found int Matthew 7. This would work well for a weekend church camp or it could be adapted for a Sunday morning service. 

Sand and Stone:
Matthew 7:24-29 is one of Jesus’ most well-known stories. Two builders, two foundations, two houses. And the point of the story? The one who hears Jesus’ words and puts them into action is called wise. This resource includes reflections on the story of the wise and foolish builders, small group activities, key questions and stations to explore. It's all here for you to pick up and use!

All you need:
Service outline (two sessions) - The whole script for both services. 

Max7 Wise and Foolish Builder media clip: This wonderful retelling of the wise and foolish builder works well with all ages. It's free to download and use. 
Lego!! This is a great clip using Lego to tell the story of the wise and foolish builders. Watch all those Lego enthusiasts in your group sit up and take notice.  

Printable resources:
Action Cards: black and white cards to print out and cut up. One set per small group. 
Welcome to the Family of God: Liturgy to begin your session with. 
Night Prayer: From 'A NZ Prayer Book'. It can also be found online here.
A Palestinian House: A photo of a replica of a 1st Century Palestinian house.

Station resources:
Station instructions cards
Colouring page
Quotes to reflect on

If you run this with your church, I would love to hear how it went! 

A replica of a 1st Century Palestinian House


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