It's a new year!

2018! It's here whether we are ready for it or not.

If you are like me, my inbox and Facebook feed has filled up with New Year resolution type emails and links to articles and advice. 10 ways to change your life. 5 tips on de-cluttering your house. 20 super foods to add to your diet.

So, in the spirit of numbers + New Year + good advice, let me offer you four things for this new year. I found these in 'Children Matter' by Beth Posterski and Scottie May (a great book for anyone starting out in Children's ministry by the way).

A great community is characterised by these:
- hospitality 
- gratitude
- truth telling 
- promise keeping

I think that's a great list. How might they help you shape this year with the children you know, love and walk alongside?   


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