Easter Walk-Through

Thanks to Sonja from Palmerston North for this great idea. She has taken our Easter Journey serial story and created a walk-through experience from it. Use it as is, or take her idea and modify it to suit your own context.

The Easter Walk-Through has 16 stations that are set up around the church. Each station has a photo or two on the wall. Each station has two sets of the story; a simplified version and a fuller version. 

Place a small table at each station with an action point and an activity. On a few of the stations there is also some history for people to read if they are interested. 

At the end of the 16 stations have juice, coffee and tea available, and warm hot cross buns with butter! (Include a yummy gluten-free option)

Here are all the files you will need to set up your walk-through experience: 


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