Small but mighty

You and your church can join us for this global campaign, which unites hundreds of thousands of people across more than 40 countries in prayer! 

4-5 June is the world wide weekend of prayer for children at risk. We know that New Zealand has appalling rates of child abuse, so this is an issue that demands our attention. 4-5 June falls on New Zealand's celebration of the Queens Birthday. So, while you are relaxing with family or getting away to the beach, take time with those around you to pray.
This event is hosted by 
Viva has a great range of material to help you: activity guides for adults and children, PowerPoints, prayer diaries and songs! There are plenty of websites you can access for information and prayer ideas. Here are a couple of simple suggestions of my own to get you started.

Prayer ideas:

- Add a prayer to your church bulletin/notices. Here is a suggestion. You can download this as a prayer card by clicking here:

 - Use Matthew 18:1-10 as your reading for Sunday.  

- Check out the video TODAY, available for free from 
 Consider playing this in your church when all ages are together, or in your Sunday School or children's programme. Talk about it together afterwards. How are children bringing hope to the world? 

-  Do you know a family that is struggling? Bake a batch of biscuits. Place them in a waterproof container or bag and leave them on their doorstep. Deliver them as a family or group of friends. As you drive or walk to the house pray. As you leave pray... that this one small gift will help to bring love into a dark place. Never underestimate the power of the little things.

- Check out these great resources from KidsFriendly!


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