Episode Three: Things get tense

It seems hard to believe that just the other day Jesus was riding on a donkey, and people were calling him king. That sure caused a fuss. Everyone from the local markets to the temple courts are talking about it. Some people think that Jesus is in big trouble with the Romans. They don't like people causing a fuss. Some people think Jesus might just be the one to save them from the Romans. Some people are keeping quiet, whispering about it at the dinner table but too afraid to share their opinion out loud on the street. 

But Jesus isn't hiding himself away. He certainly isn't scared of the Roman soldiers, or the leaders of the Temple. In fact, he spends lots of time in the temple. 

One day Jesus and his friends headed along to the temple. They mixed with people in Solomon's Colonnade, the place where people met to discuss and debate. Jesus was often spotted hanging out here. But this day Jesus was upset. In fact, he was wild! He grabbed tables and tossed them over, sending money and goods flying. People started yelling back at him. "What are you doing?" "Hey, stop that!" But Jesus would not be stopped.    

Instead he called out, "The Scriptures say, ‘My house should be called a place of worship.’ But you have turned it into a place where robbers hide." 

You see, people had travelled a long way to get to the temple in Jerusalem. They had come to pray and to offer sacrifices at the temple. But they needed to buy animals and doves for their sacrifice. Instead of selling them at a reasonable price, people were selling their animals to make a huge profit. People were getting greedy and this got Jesus angry. These sellers were stopping those who were poor from worshipping God. Wow, that caused a fuss!

"Jesus, Jesus, don't you hear what those children over there are saying?" some of the leaders of the temple called out to Jesus. The temple courts were getting crowded. People had heard that Jesus was in the temple so those who were blind or lame or wanted to be healed came seeking him. And the children were making noise. They were shouting loudly their praises of Jesus. And the leaders wanted them to be quiet. But Jesus wasn't interested in keeping things quiet, in keeping things calm. The leaders of the temple hadn't realised who Jesus was, but the children did. They knew he was special.... 

To be continued...
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