Christmas comes but once a year (Part 3: Images, media, photos and fonts!

This is the third blog post in our four part series of fabulous Christmas ideas. Click on these links to read the other posts: 
1. Christmas Music
2. Christmas Crafts  
And this post, is all about images, media, photos and fonts!

There are plenty of websites out there with images you can download. Here are a couple of my favourites. They are free and they are easy to search and use. 
- A one stop shop for all the photos you might ever need!  
- But wait, there's more!
And if you want to add any effects, borders, or text to your images this is an easy to use, fun site:

Media Clips:
Max 7:
Look no further! has a fabulous series of Christmas video clips. The narration is straight from the CEV Bible so the children can follow along in their Bibles. And, these videos are around 3 minutes long, just the right length. And, they are FREE to download. Check out the rest of the site for a whole host of great resources that come from all around the world. You can even upload your own to share. 
This is the link to the entire Christmas Story, but it also comes in three separate videos.

The Jesus Storybook Bible: 

This is a four volume series of DVDs that bring the Jesus Storybook Bible to life. The narration is beautiful. You can buy them from Scripture Union, phone 0508 423 836.

In 2011 I travelled to Israel. One of the outcomes of that has been a series of resources using my photos to illustrate Bible stories. I have produced a booklet called 'Christmas in Israel'. These photos below are included in the booklet. I am offering it for free. Simply send me an email and I will send you the file, you can then print it out. 

The booklet is written for kids, so they can explore the story for themselves. My hope is that it will help them to view the Christmas story as real, to realise that it happened in a real place, a real time, to real people. It ain't no fairytale!

Modern day Bethlehem

The Judean Hills where Elizabeth lived.

Modern day Nazareth.

I love nothing better than the perfect font. My go to site  for fonts that are free for personal use is:

Check in next week for our fourth and final Christmas blogpost: Books, Bibles and Apps.


  1. Thanks Annette. I used 'He's Here' from the Jesus Storybook Bible DVDs on Sunday to introduce the first Advent candle.. I love the way they weave the whole meaning of Christmas into the way they tell the story.

    1. It's one of my favourite parts of the Jesus Storybook Bible, the notion of God slipping in quietly while the world held it's breath. Beautiful piece of writing.

  2. More great resources. Thanks Annette for offering your personal Christmas resource free! I fully agree the Latter Day Saints videos are beautiful.

  3. I had not heard of the Church of the Latter Day Saints videos. They a very well do e and depict the Christmas story very realistically.

  4. Thank you - as always, love your work - any plans for SU to establish a team here in Australia??

    1. Thanks Melanie, there may well already be a SU Children and Families team in your state. I can check for you if you like :)


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