Ngakuku, Tarore and the Little Book: Book #7

The second book in The Chronicles of Paki Series Two is: 
Ngakuku, Tarore and the Little Book. 

Find out what happened when Chief Ngakuku faced a tragedy and had to decide between revenge and forgiveness.  This programme works well for a holiday programme, afterschool club or your church Children’s Ministry programme. Choose the ideas that work for your children and within the time you have available.

Here are some extra bits and pieces to go along with the programme:

- Downloadable posters of the karakia and waiata - link

A Photo Journey:

Recently I travelled to Matamata and visited the sites where this story happened. I took photographs of my travels which you are free to download and use. Just make sure you credit Scripture Union. These are available as downloadable resources, with photos and information. 
Click on this link to download the photos
Click here to request high resolution versions.

Tarore's Grave

The Wairere Falls
The walk to the Wairere Falls
Site of the mission station.
Site of the Matamata Pa,
with Tarore's grave in the distance

Extra files to download to go with your programme:

Websites to check out: 

- Disguises for your photo booth:

- More information on Mondrian's art:

- Images of Te Rongopai e Ruka, the Gospel of Luke:

- Have a listen to 'Great are you Lord': Youtube

- Have a listen to 'Not Afraid': Youtube
- Purchase 'Not Afraid': Amber Sky Records
Download the whole series for FREE from


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