One day to stop and pray...


16 October 2015

This year we have put a big circle around 16th October. We are calling on people all around Aotearoa, New Zealand to choose this day to stop and pray for our schools. 
We have lots of great resources on our website to help you: 
And here are a few simple tips to get you started. 

Put a note in your diary, set an alarm on your phone, put a post-it note on the fridge.

Talk to others. Do you have a prayer partner, a friend, your Bible in Schools or Cool Bananas or SUPAkidz Team? 

Decide on a time to meet and pray. 

A couple of extra ideas for your church

What about asking your church if you can pray for schools during the service on the 18th Oct, or put a notice in the church newsletter.  
At church the Sunday before Pray Day, draw up a 24 hour timetable. People sign up for a half hour slot throughout the day and night on Pray Day.


Available on our website:

  • Check out the prayer event Lifepoint Church organised for the children of their church. Free event planning sheet.
  • Service outline for an All Age event
  • Ideas for a prayer breakfast  
  • A prayer diary you can download, packed full of great ideas and prayers to use. 

More resources and ideas are on their way!

“Just to encourage you in the simplicity of getting something going around Pray Day.  Our church has simply asked the local (full) primary school for prayer requests and set up two one hour prayer times at the church during the day. There has been a good number of requests from the staff and an opportunity to build the relationship with the teaching community. We will also contact the local high school saying that there is a focused prayer event happening and getting some requests from them. I like how simple this is and another opportunity for building relationships is created.”


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