Be a peace maker...

5 November

On the 5th Nov 1881 government troops marched on the peaceful settlement of Parihaka, Taranaki.  The events that happened at Parihaka are an important part of our New Zealand history, but they are not very well known.  They tell a story of peaceful resistance and belief in a God of peace, not violence.  This story is so important that Gandhi and Martin Luther King referred to it as helping them to make their peaceful stand against injustice. It is a story our children should know.  5th of Nov is known as Parihaka Day.  

I have written a one-off programme to be used with children to explore the events of Parihaka. It is approximately 30mins in length. This programme focuses on the value of Community and Participation, Porihanga. It focuses particularly on PEACE, Rangimarie, and what it means to be peace makers.  

* Activity ideas 
* Story telling ideas and a script to use
* Discovery questions. 

If you would like a copy of this programme please click here download it from our Dropbox.

Another great resource to have in your library is called 'Remember that November'. It is a beautiful children's book explaining what happened at Parihaka. It doesn't mention the Christian influence in the community, but can be one element of an overall programme. And the artwork is amazing! Click here to check it out or if you're in the area, feel free to call into the Auckland office for a coffee and a read of my copy. 



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