The Stones Matter

Ancient Corinth
I have recently returned from a holiday in Greece, walking on the same stones as Paul.
As you can see, I was a little bit excited. This photo is of the main street of ancient Corinth, a street that Paul walked along, and conducted business on the edges of.  

And my camera went crazy! Over the next months I intend to create resources using my photos. I want children to understand that the events of the New Testament happened in real places, at a real time with real people. Grounding the New Testament in context is vital. I have already shown my photos to my Bible in Schools class and they love them. Boy did they kick start some conversations!

Mars Hill/The Areopagus
My resources will include photos of the Areopagus (Acts 17), Corinth, Philippi and Patmos, as well as curriculum ideas and discussion starters. 

Watch this space!  Annette.


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